Alta resistência a pressão e pulso e longa vida útil, a mangueira hidráulica espiral de fio de aço Letone atende totalmente às necessidades de usuários de mangueiras de ponta, como fabricantes de máquinas e equipamentos pesados. A mangueira hidráulica Letone é garantida para uso na construção, mineração, agricultura, petróleo & gás e outras indústrias com alto desempenho.

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• 20ksi choke & kill manifold • Gantry cranes and trolley systems • Onsite inspection and repair Tubular & Riser Handling Li•ing and Handling Other • 10,000 psi Rated Wellbore Pressure • 1,500 psi Rated Operator Pressure Depth Compensated Bottles • Most e–icient subsea accumulator • Maintains performance regardless

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20/9/2017· ANSI FLANGE PRESSURE RATING EXPLAINED. Pressure rating is defined as the maximum allowed pressure that a flange can withstand at increasing temperatures. According to the ANSI/ASME B16.5 specifiion, there are seven flange pressure ratings: 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500. The terms “pressure rating”, “class”, “#”, “Lb

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7,500 PSI W.P \ 15,000 PSI TEST Choke and Kill hose. 10,000 PSI W.P \ 15,000 PSI TEST Choke and Kill hose . Choke and Kill hose Coflex style hose. Features • .031 Wall on Armor Construction • Reinforcement: Two or four high strength steel cables • Cover: Ozone, petroleum and abrasion resistant • Thermal Blanket: 1500°F continuous

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1/8/2000· If the riser choke lines cannot keep the pressure below 1,500 psi in the riser, the fall back position is to open the gas handler and divert the remaining flow over the diverter lines. Although the system was sized so that all of a detectable kick should be safely handled in the riser, it is anticipated that at least some of a detectable kick would be captured below the BOP …

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1500 32 109.4 . 297 -1 820 . 819 -1 -.00084 . 1188 . 875 895 15 . 356 1175 819 . 5555 . 365 70.6 . 504 . 55a. After 2 minutes of circulation the following readings are observed on the choke panel: Drill pipe pressure = 950 psi Casing pressure = 900 psi Pump speed = 26 spm Strokes circulated = 45 strokes Choke position = 40% open

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Rotary Hose,Choke and Kill hoses,bop hose,Vibrator hoses,high pressure hose,api 7k,grade d - World Rig Supply|Rotary Hose|Kelly hose … 2", 3" 3-1/2" and 4"'''' ft 5,000 psi ,7500 psi and 10,000 psi w.p up to 15,000 psi Test Stainless Steel Armor Covered, fire resistant inner sleeve 1500 F Choke & Kill Hose Assely coupled with Butt-welded 4-1/16" 15k Flanges on each end.

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to 1,500 psi chemical resistance Perforating Equipment -40 to 250 F HNBR, FKM High temperature, high pressure, to 7,500 psi chemical resistance Well Head -40 to 250 F NBR, HNBR, FKM Abrasion resistance, resiliency, AED, BOP/Choke & Kill to 1,500 psi aient temperature stability Flow Control 32 to 300 F HNBR, FKM High pressure, high temperature,

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24/3/2010· Specifically, the 3 1/ 16-in. 20,000-psi choke and kill valves will have 4 1/ 16-in. 20,000-psi inlet flanges to match the 4 1/ 16-in. 20,000-psi outlets on the BOPs. This “up-sizing” on the BOP outlet geometry yields a connection with significantly greater bending strength to specifically resist the pressure end load growth-induced bending moments.

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Designed for general choke & kill service. Used as a flexible connection (instead of pipe) to the choke manifold. Max Length 150 feet Min Burst Requirement 12,500 psi on 5K, 22,500 psi on 10K inspected proof tested to test pressure Tube Nitrile Cover Stainless steel armor, 0.144” wall, protects against impacts, wear, handling, etc

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CHOKE & KILL HOSE TEMPERATURE (-25°C to +100°C) (-13°F to +212°F) inch mm inch mm bar psi bar psi inch mm kg/m lb/ft m ft 3 76 7.10 181.1 690 10000 1553 22500 59.1 1500 63.0 42.33 62 203.4 CK03F 884 HIGH PRESSURE OILFIELD HOSE. Title: Datasheet Choke and Kill H2S

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Choke & Kill Hose 10000PSI | OrientFlex. Accessories such as safety clamps and hose lift eyes are available upon request. Choke & Kill Hose Test. Each hose is tested at 15000psi for 15 minutes. Pressure test graph, test certifie and letter of conformance are issued for each hose. 10,000psi W.P. – 15,000 psi Test-22,500 psi Minimum Burst .

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1500 PSI Threaded Ball Valves. Empty. Print. 1" FP and 2" RP Ball Valves from TSI Flow Products are designed for 1500-2000 PSI Working Pressure environments. Rebuildable with a simple 2 piece design and locking device built in, TSI Ball Valves are ready to go to work.


Flexible choke and kill lines should be tested to the same pressure, frequency, and duration as the ram BOPs. API RP 53 chapter 17.5.10 Verify that a properly precharged surge bottle is or can be installed adjacent to the annular preventer if contingency well …

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Under high pressure, it can used for conveying the water-base and oil-base mud with minimum aniline point 60℃, which pumped out from rotary drilling equipment. It can also prevent the erosion of H2S and convey the oilfield well water, oil mud, etc. 2.Construction: Consisted of inner rubber layer or stainless steel armoured pipe, reinforced

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6,000 psi / 41,000 kPa 15,000 psi / 103,000 kPa Max Pressure

Casing, wellhead and BOP equipment tests

All preventers which close around pipe, all pressure and manually operated kill-and choke lines valves, and all kelly cocks, shall be operated each time a new bit has been run to the shoe of the casing. All ram type BOP''s should be function tested at …

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Open valves on choke manifold to selected choke and open choke. Route returns to mud pit. 3. At the same SPRs, Obtain Circulating Drillpipe Pressures Up the Riser and through Choke a. Circulate down the drillstring and up the annulus through the choke line/choke/choke manifold, along the same flow path planned for any well kill. b.

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Valve, Choke, 4" AISI 4130, CL 1500, FLANGED RTJ . Description: Valve, Choke, 4" AISI 4130, CL 1500, FLANGED RTJ . API6A ASME High Pressure Plug & Cage Control Choke Valve (Angle Choke Valves) VIGORPETRO plug & cage control choke uses the plug as the controlling element, and throttles the flow on the internal diameter of the ported cage. The


Quality API 6A Choke Valves manufacturers & exporter - buy ADJUSTABLE CHOKE ASSY, 2 9/16"-5M API FLANGES INLET & OUTLET W/ 2" MAX ORIFICE from China manufacturer.

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Commonly used in drilling, cementing and workover service as flexible connection for mud manifold,cement manifold,choke kill manifold to transport water base mud,oil base mud ,and washing fluid at high pressure in large volumes.

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• 11” 15,000 psi Hydril Annular. • 11” 20,000 psi identical Hydril Dual Ram BOPs with proven shear capacity and Hydril’s innovative Multi-Position lock system. • 20,000 psi Hydraulic Choke and Kill Manifold. • All equipment is manufactured in accordance with API 16A and NACE MR-01 …


20-041 1 1500 PSI. PRESSURE WASHER ** DO NOT EVER RUN PUMP DRY ** 20-041 SPECIFIIONS: 5.5 Hp Honda Engine 3.1 GPM - Min. Water Supply Weight: 115 lbs.

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connected to the outlet side of the choke & choke manifold kill blowout to conduct well washing and other special operations. The TSC ram BOP is available in EU, U and ES models. It is designed and manufactured in accordance to API 16A requirements and is available in a variety of sizes and specifiions. Working pressure: 2000 psi ~20000 psi

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25/10/2021· 1000 = 1500 – 500 psi. Float In Drill String. If no other choke can be used, repair plugged choke then resume kill operations. Washed-Out Drillstring Problems In Well Control Identifying and Detecting. The gradual decrease in drill pipe pressure with little or no change in casing pressure.

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10/9/2014· 42. Driller’s Method: Procedure 1. Shut-in well and record SIDPP, SICP, pit gain 2. Compute kill MW 3. Hold choke pressure constant and pump at kill rate 4. Hold DP pressure steady at ICP until kick out of hole 5. Shut-in well and build kill MW 6. Hold casing pressure steady and pump at kill rate 7.

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Close the Middle pipe rams, keep 1500 psi of closing operating pressure. Bleed off through the choke line the trapped pressure between Annular preventer and middle pipe rams. Decrease pipe rams closing operating pressure from 1500 to 500psi. Open the Annular Preventer ; Strip the DP until the tool joint #1 reaches the middle pipe rams.

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30/9/2012· Hitung Kill Mud Weight. KMW (ppg) = FP (psi) / (0.052 x TVD (ft), atau. Buka choke hingga tekanan berkurang 100 psi dari langkah (1) bila x bbl Lumpur bisa masuk. Bila belum semua masuk, kurangi 100 psi dari langkah (3) ditaah dengan tekanan hidrostatis sebesar volume Lumpur yang masuk. 1500 psi 1000 ft Annular Preventer lebih 1000 ft

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The Control Flow Flocon DW-10 Subsea Fail Safe gate valves are available in a variety of sizes, trims, and pressure ranges up to 15,000 psi. The DW-10 Subsea Fail Safe Gate Valve is a hydraulically actuated, balance stem valve intended for subsea drilling appliions in water depths of up to 15,000 feet.

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Choke manifolds, choke lines, and kill lines having a working pressure of 3000 psi and above must use flanged, welded, clamped connections on components subjected to well pressure. Where possible, the choke manifold should be situated in an easily accessible loion, preferably outside the rig substructure.

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Subsea gate valve. Our MCS subsea gate valve is a compact valve suited for the rugged requirements of subsea choke-and-kill lines in water depths up to 10,000 ft. The valve is hydraulically actuated. The detachable actuator requires only 5 in of clearance for removal without requiring removal of the valve from the line.